Popcorn Programs

Naks Pak

  • Pre-measured portion packs of kernel, oil and seasoning making popping a consistently great batch of popcorn easy every time
  • NaksPak use Weaver Gold Corn, tender butterfly corn with low breakage
  • Gold standard for concession popcorn, providing the most servings per pound
  • Expansion: 46-50

Why Naks Pak?

  • Perfect for most popcorn lovers
  • Perfectly seasoned popcorn every time
  • Higher yield popcorn that is more convenient to make.
  • Pre-portioned packs include the popcorn kernels, salt, butter and oil.
  • Consistent popping that saves time and increases profits.

Naks Pak – What size do you need?

Naks pak comes in many different sizes. It’s important to use the correct size for the kettle in your machine. For example, an 8 oz Kettle needs to use our 10.6 oz Naks Pak. An 10.6 oz Naks Pak is (8 oz Corn + 2 oz Oil and .6 oz Salt totaling 10.6 oz)

Naks Pak Kettle Size Chart

Kettle Size   Recommended Naks Pak
4 oz Kettle   36/ 5.5 oz Naks Pak
6 oz Kettle   36/ 8 oz Naks Pak
8 oz Kettle   24/ 10.6 oz Naks Pak
12 oz Kettle   24/ 16 oz Naks Pak

Naks Pak Profit

Gross Profit: 70%

How many can you sell a day?

Servings (Enter Quantity) Profit/Serving Profit/Day Profit/Year
10 (example)
28.00 10,220.00

*Customer owned equipment
**Based on selling 2oz bag for $1.60

Why Allen Associates?

Join our Popcorn Loyalty Program and save on Parts and Labor

For being a valued customer and loyal Naks Pak purchaser, Allen Associates Inc. would like to thank you by providing:

  • Free Labor on kettle or machine repairs
  • Free Loaner to keep you popping if your machine is in for extensive repairs
  • 50% off Complete Machine Cleanings………….(Saving of $124.50)
  • 50% off Kettle Cleaning………………………………(Savings of $99.50)


  • 36 + cases Naks Pak per year
  • In house repairs only


Call for Pricing 1-800-333-1478