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J&J Super Pretzels

SUPERPRETZEL® is the #1 soft pretzel brand!

Add Frozen Pretzels to your snack bar without the heavy equipment investment.

  • Precooked Pretzels just need to be Thawed and heated.
  • Super Pretzels are a Warm Delicious soft pretzel that are easy to sell and everyone loves them.
  • Tastes Awesome.
  • Get Creative and offer with Nacho Cheese Sauce.
  • No Heavy Equipment investment.
  • Simply Display and Serve.
  • Great Profit Generator.

J&J Super Pretzels are available in the following:

  1. 2.5 oz Pretzels – 100ct
  2. 5.5 oz Pretzels – 50ct (Most Popular)

J&J Super Pretzels Profit

Gross Profit: 71%

How many can you sell a day?

Servings (Enter Quantity) Profit/Serving Profit/Day Profit/Year
10 (example)
35.75 13,048.75

*Customer owned equipment
**Based on selling 5.5 oz pretzel for $2.00

Why Allen Associates?

  • We have been a Family owned Profit Consultant since 1945
  • Customer Service like you’ve never seen before.  We get notes from customers raving about our customer Service.  “Whatever your feeding them at Allen’s, don’t stop.  Your people are awesome”
  • Weekly Delivery to Western and Central NY by our friendly drivers
  • Our Trucks scream FUN!  We take pride in our equipment
  • Our Profit Counselors will introduce you to new profitable programs that fit your establishment and increase your profits
  • Free Point of Sale Material to help you sell more each day