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Candy and Caramel Apples

Candy apples and caramel apples are the perfect combination of delicious crunch of crisp apples with a sweet candy coating. We have a wide variety of candy/caramel apple cookers, warmer, and accessories to quickly serve customers. Plus, our creamy caramel and tasty mixes are to die for and will boost your sales.

Whether you’re dipping Candy Apples or Dipping CarAmel Apples Gold Medal products offer the absolute best product available.

Reddy Apple Mix - Allen Associates

Reddy Apple Mix

  • 6-3.5 lbs per bag
  • Just add water to this ready to use powdered mix then add to your cooker
  • Two pouches is the perfect size for the Double Batch Ready Apple Cooker
  • Always use a Candy Thermometer to assure perfect apples
Midways Finest Caramel Apple Dip - Allen Associates

Midways Finest Caramel Apple Dip

  • 6-#10 Cans/case
  • For the most authentic taste and truly superior quality, this is the caramel dip you can count on.
  • Coats about 180-240 apples per case

Candy and Caramel Apples Profit

Gross Profit: 73%

How many can you sell a day?

Servings (Enter Quantity) Profit/Serving Profit/Day Profit/Year
10 (example)
45.75 16,698.75

*Customer owned equipment
**Based on selling servings for $2.50

Why Allen Associates?

  • We have been a Family owned Profit Consultant since 1945
  • Customer Service like you’ve never seen before.  We get notes from customers raving about our customer Service.  “Whatever your feeding them at Allen’s, don’t stop.  Your people are awesome”
  • Weekly Delivery to Western and Central NY by our friendly drivers
  • Our Trucks scream FUN!  We take pride in our equipment
  • Our Profit Counselors will introduce you to new profitable programs that fit your establishment and increase your profits
  • Free Point of Sale Material to help you sell more each day