It is Spring of 1945 … Allied troops have crossed the Rhine River and there is a new spirit of hope on the home front. As American GI’s finish the job at hand, Ed Allen Sr. is just getting started on his own mission in upstate New York.  Believing more than ever in the power of the American Dream, Ed launches his own business with the sole intent of bringing some much-needed joy to communities in desperate need of good news.

Ed started small … he quit his steady job, plunked down his entire life savings and opened Allen Candy Company … he started selling sugar treats, soda pop and ice cream toppings to the many five-and-dime stores and high schools in the Rochester area. But it wasn’t always easy … Exhausted by 8-day work weeks and the ups and downs of the small business grind, Ed, his wife Kathryn and son Ed Jr. started wondering if they hadn’t bitten off more than they could chew. Worry & self-doubt were constant companions. In 1957, a competitor approached Ed with an offer to purchase Allen Candy Company.  After a long discussion about the pros and cons of selling the company,  Ed handed the pen to his only son and said it was his to sell if he wished.  How things would be different today if Ed Jr. had not put that pen down.

Since that pivotal moment … Allen Associates rededicated itself to the mission of growing, prospering and keeping the American Dream alive for small companies throughout upstate New York and beyond … Three buildings later, along with 3 million gallons of Slush Puppie, 28 million pounds of popcorn, 72 million balloons, and thousand of pounds of beaded Mini Melts ice cream a team of more than two dozen continue to spread its own brand of joy and profitable business growth with whoever they touch. They’ve been doing it since 1945. And they always will.   In 2020, they celebrated their 75th Anniversary!

Allen Associates – New York’s Family Business of Fun!

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