Popcorn Programs

Weaver Caramel and Sweet Popcorn

Our Caramel & Sweet variety. A round uniform kernel that pops in a “Mushroom” or “Ball” shape making this an ideal choice for caramel or sweet coatings with less breakage and uniform coverage.

This popcorn seed is perfect to make caramel or kettle corn.  The kernel pops up with less appendages so there is less waste from breakage.  It is more uniform in size so the batches are coated more evenly.

Why Weaver Caramel and Sweet Popcorn?

  • A Special Mushroom variety designed especially for less breakage and uniform coverage when using caramel or sweet coatings
  • Expansion: 29-37
  • Available in 50 bags

Weaver Caramel and Sweet Popcorn Profit

Gross Profit: 80%

How many can you sell a day?

Servings (Enter Quantity) Profit/Serving Profit/Day Profit/Year
10 (example)
90.00 32,850.00

*Customer owned equipment
**Based on selling 3.5 oz container for $3.75

Why Allen Associates?

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  • Customer Service like you’ve never seen before.  We get notes from customers raving about our customer Service.  “Whatever your feeding them at Allen’s, don’t stop.  Your people are awesome”
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