Mobile Concession Stands: A Growing Trend

Food trucks! Coffee carts! Hot dog stands! Oh my! Concessions are on the move, quite literally. While hot dog stands, falafel carts, and other forms of street meat have become mainstays on the streets of all major cities, other forms of mobile food proprietors have surged in popularity the world over, changing the game for restaurateurs and event concessions alike. In this article, we’ll explore the rise of mobile concessions and how they cater to diverse events and locations. From food trucks to pop-up kiosks, these movable feasts are taking the concession experience to exciting new heights.

Gaining Mobility

Why break from tradition? Traditional concession stands have their place at sports complexes and the like, but they have one major limitation: they’re fixed in one place. Mobile concession stands, on the other hand, are blank slates – completely adaptable and can be set up virtually anywhere. With a variety of options, this newfound mobility opens doors to a wide range of events and locations that were previously untapped.

Convenience For Convenience Sake

“I want to be where the people are.” Mobile concessions capitalize on convenience by bringing delicious food and drinks closer to consumers. Whether it’s a busy downtown street, a festival, or a local park, mobile concessions are where the people are. 

Quick Service, Happy Customers

One of the main advantages of mobile concession stands is their ability to provide quick and efficient service. Customers appreciate the shorter lines and faster turnaround times, enhancing their overall event experience.

The Versatility of Mobile Concessions

Food Trucks

Food truck rodeos. Food truck wedding receptions. Food trucks outside of your favorite bar at closing time. Food trucks have been leading the charge in this mobile concession revolution. These rolling kitchens serve up a diverse range of cuisines, from gourmet burgers to tacos and even poutine. The allure of the food truck lies in its ability to offer restaurant-quality food in unexpected locations. 

Pop-Up Carts or Kiosks

Pop-up kiosks are like miniature concession stands on wheels. They’re perfect for events where space is limited. These portable setups do not require the kind of mechanical upkeep as food trucks and can quickly be assembled and disassembled. These are great options for concessions not requiring full kitchen outfits. 

Catering to Diverse Events

Festivals: A Haven for Mobile Concessions

Music festivals, cultural celebrations, and food rodeos are ideal venues for mobile concessions. Food trucks and concession carts offer the ability to cater to diverse preferences making them a hit with event organizers and attendees alike. Plus, they’re fun! And we love fun foods!

Sporting Events: Fueling the Fans

Many sports facilities do not have built-in concession stands, or the game occurs far away from the concession stand. Mobile concession stands provide sports fans with a variety of game-day treats when they otherwise wouldn’t have access. Whether it’s hot dogs and nachos at an away baseball game or gourmet coffee at a soccer match, mobile stands keep fans fueled for the duration of the game.

Aside from the usual places concession stands can be found, mobilizing concession stands means that they can go anywhere. This means that concessions purveyors are not at the mercy of the home game or concert schedules. Food trucks can operate year-round and can take advantage of event planners seeking unconventional food service options. Concession carts or food trucks can seek out the following locations (with permits wherever applicable):

  • Wedding Receptions
  • Lunchtime outside of a business district or office building
  • Fundraising events
  • Seasonal festivals
  • Farmer’s Markets
  • Wineries or breweries
  • And more!

Growing Concession Profits with Allen Associates

The Allen Advantage

When it comes to mobile concession stands, success hinges on more than just great food and mobility. That’s where Allen Associates comes in. With over 75 years of experience, we don’t just provide equipment and supplies; we offer a complete system for success.

Proven Profit Programs

Our Proven Profit Programs cover everything from coffee to popcorn, nachos to smoothies. We provide top-quality supplies, superior equipment, comprehensive training, point-of-sale materials, and service/maintenance support. At Allen Associates, we’re committed to helping you make money and make people happy.

Embrace Mobility, Boost Profits

In the dynamic world of concessions, mobility can be a total game-changer. Mobile concession stands offer convenience, versatility, and the potential for increased profits. By embracing this growing trend and partnering with Allen Associates, concession stand owners can maximize their success in the ever-evolving concession industry.


1. How do mobile concession stands differ from traditional ones?

Mobile concession stands are movable and can be set up in various locations, while traditional stands are fixed in one place.

2. What types of events are mobile concession stands suitable for?

Mobile concession stands are versatile and can cater to a wide range of events, including festivals, sporting events, weddings, farmer’s markets, and more.

3. How can Allen Associates support mobile concession stand owners?

Allen Associates offers Proven Profit Programs that provide top-quality supplies, superior equipment, training, point-of-sale materials, and service/maintenance to help mobile concession stand owners succeed.

4. What’s the advantage of quick service at mobile concession stands?

Quick service at mobile concession stands leads to shorter lines, faster turnaround times, and happier customers.

5. Can mobile concession stands customize their menus for different events?

Yes, mobile concession stands can tailor their menus to suit specific events, ensuring that they meet the preferences of attendees.

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