Beat the Heat: The Ultimate Guide to Warm Weather Concession Treats

Summer is here, and it’s bringing the heat! But fear not, because we have the ultimate lineup of cool treats guaranteed to turn any sweltering day on the field, at the festival, or the farmer’s market into a chill paradise. From the whimsical delight of Mini Melts to the icy bliss of a Sno Cone, get ready to explore the coolest concession stand menu that will have your customers lining up for seconds (and thirds!).

The Magic of Mini Melts

Imagine ice cream, but fun-sized and way cooler! Mini Melts are the playful cousins of traditional ice cream, frozen at ultra-low temperatures to create tiny, flavorful beads of joy. They’re not just a treat; they’re an experience. With a rainbow of flavors, there’s a Mini Melt for every palate.

The Classic Charm of Slush Puppies

A timeless classic, Slush Puppies brings that quintessential summer refreshment. With their vibrant colors and slushy goodness, they’re the perfect antidote to the summer heat. Plus, mixing flavors? Always a yes, leading to endless possibilities and endless fun.

The Gourmet Twist: Monin Smoothies

For those with a more sophisticated palate (or health-conscious parents of littles), Monin Smoothies offers a gourmet twist on the classic summer refresher. Using high-quality ingredients and an array of exotic flavors, these smoothies are not just refreshing; they’re an upscale, flavorful journey. 

Refresh with Dr. Smoothie

Health-conscious and delicious? Say no more. Dr. Smoothie brings together the best of both worlds, offering 100% crushed fruit smoothies. With no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, it’s the refreshment you can feel good about serving and sipping.

Sno Cones: A Perrenial Favorite

No summer concession stand would be complete without the iconic Sno Cone. Ice, syrup, and a spoon-straw combo—it’s simple but oh-so-satisfying. With a kaleidoscope of syrup flavors, Sno Cones is a surefire way to keep the fun and the temperature down.

Tips for Serving Up Summer Refreshments

Quick Freezing

Use equipment that freezes quickly to serve your treats at the perfect temperature without the wait.

Flavor Stations

Allow customers to customize their treats with flavor stations for Slush Puppies and Sno Cones.

Healthy Options

Offer options like Dr. Smoothie to cater to health-conscious customers.

Bright and Fun Branding

Use colorful cups, spoons, and signage to make your stand visually appealing and Instagram-worthy.

Why Keeping Cool Matters

Beyond the simple joy of a cold treat on a hot day, offering these refreshments can significantly enhance the customer experience at your concession stand. It’s not just about staying physically cool; it’s about creating memories, sharing moments of joy, and providing a respite from the summer heat. Plus, happy, cool customers are likely to linger longer, explore more, and return often.

This summer, transform your concession stand into a cool haven with these irresistible treats. From the nostalgic charm of Slush Puppies to the innovative delight of Mini Melts, there’s no shortage of ways to delight and refresh your customers. Remember, the right mix of treats, coupled with speedy service and a splash of fun, is your recipe for success in the warm weather concession game. Stay cool and carry on!

Incorporating these cool treats will not only help your patrons beat the heat but also create a buzz that keeps them coming back for more. Ready to make this summer the coolest one yet? Contact Allen Associates to find a refreshing fun foods program to best suits your concession needs.


What makes Mini Melts different from regular ice cream?

Mini Melts are unique because of their novel form factor – tiny, frozen beads of ice cream that create a fun and different eating experience. They’re made using a special flash-freezing process that locks in flavor and ensures a creamy texture. At 14% butterfat, Mini Melts are made with 40% more butterfat than the competition, making them more pleasantly creamy. Read more here.

Can I find healthy options among these treats?

Absolutely! Both Monin Smoothies and Dr. Smoothie offer options packed with real fruits and vegetables, making them a healthier choice for those looking to enjoy a refreshing treat without compromising on nutrition.

Are these treats suitable for large events or parties?

Yes, these treats are perfect for large events, parties, and concessions. They’re not only delicious and refreshing but also serve as a fantastic way to keep guests cool and happy during warm-weather gatherings.

How can I customize my Sno Cone experience?

Sno Cones are incredibly versatile. You can customize them with a variety of syrup flavors, from traditional favorites like cherry and grape to more exotic options like mango or passion fruit. Some even add toppings like fresh fruit or candy for an extra special touch.